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Tejas Express – Fastest Train Lucknow To Delhi



Hello friends, have you ever thought that a private company can run the Indian Train (IRCTC), according to us; this thought may not have come in your mind. But times change, development takes place. The idea of privatizing trains had come to the mind of Indian Railway long ago but due to some reasons IRCTC was not able to succeed. After much effort, in the end, Indian railway brought its idea as Tejas Express, which is India’s first private train. Bid will have to be paid for privatization of this train, as has been happening already, as recently some airports have also been privatized.

Tejas Express will operate between Delhi to Lucknow, and run between Delhi and Lucknow and was flagged off by Yogi Adityanath – Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister on 5 October 2019.

On the occasion of its inauguration, 389 passengers including officers and media persons were taken on board the train.

Fastest Train

Tejas Express is the fastest of all trains going from Lucknow to Delhi. This train covers the distance from Lucknow to Delhi in only 6 hours and 15 minutes. Till now we considered Shatabdi Express as the fastest train, which covers Lucknow to Delhi in 6 hours and 35 minutes. This train stops at 2 places between Lucknow to Delhi, Kanpur and Ghaziabad. Tejas Express has a total of 12 coaches, out of which 10 coaches are for Passenger, the remaining 2 coaches are Power Car.

What are the facilities Tejas Express Lucknow to Delhi has?

Tejas Express is fully equipped. In this train you will get all the facilities that Passenger gets in an airplane, you will also have Hostess in this train; they will dress like Air Hostess.

Tejas express fastest train

There will be a button on your seat, through which if you need anything, or you have a problem, then you can call someone by pressing that button, the crew members there will definitely help you. You can ask for coffee, tea also.

Tejas Express lucknow to delhi

The Tejas Express is a fully air-conditioned train, with many compatible features such as personal LCD entertainment-cum-information screen with headphones, board WiFi, modular bio-toilets, comfortable seats etc. The Chair Car Coach has comfortable seats. The only difference is that the executive chair is also given an attached leg to rest in the car seats. A button will be given on the side of the windows of Tejas Express, which can be pressed by the passengers to open and close the windows automatically; passengers can do it very comfortably. Tejas Express provides automatic doors for passengers and employees to enter comfortably from coach to coach.

Tejas express

Other facilities which are available on Lucknow to Delhi are:

  • Charging points with all seats
  • Reclining seats
  • Toilet occupancy indicator
  • CCTV
  • Reading lights
  • On board entertainment
  • RO water purifiers in every coach
  • Tea and coffee vending machines
  • Aircraft style trolley for passengers to serve passengers
  • Call buttons to request crew service
  • Home to destination luggage pick-up & drop facility
  • Automatic doors

 How much ticket cost?

82501 Tejas Express Lucknow to Delhi

  •  Executive Chair Car: 2310 INR.
  • AC Chair Car: 1505 INR.

82501 Tejas Express Delhi to Lucknow

  • Executive Chair Car: 2450 INR.
  • AC Chair Car: 1755 INR.

Timings and schedules of the two Tejas Express trains.

Train number 82501 Lucknow to Delhi

  • Time taken: 6 hours 15 minutes
  • Departure time: 6:10 AM
  • Halts: Kanpur – 7:20 AM (5 minutes), Ghaziabad 11:45 AM (2 minutes)
  • Destination time: 12:25 PM

Train Number 82502 Delhi to Lucknow

  • Time taken: 6 hours 30 minutes
  • Departure time: 3:35 PM
  • Halts: Ghaziabad – 4:09 PM (2 minutes), Kanpur – 8:35 PM (5 minutes)
  • Destination time: 10:05 PM

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