Lucknow Mahotsav 2019 – 20

If we talk about ‘etiquette’ then the name of Lucknow comes first in the mind perhaps that is why it is called the city of Nawabs. Lucknow, situated at the end of Gomti, a tributary of the Ganges, is known for its Mughal inspired areas, gardens and buildings adorned with unique architecture.

The dialect here has its own sweetness and in order to bring this sweetness and etiquette to the people, Lucknow festival is organized every year in November – December where the people of Lucknow get to know the Nawabi style, Ganga Jamuna etiquette, Mughlai dish and Chicken workmanship.

Lucknow festival was started in the year 1975 to promote tourism in Uttar Pradesh. People come from every corner of India to see this festival, as well as people from other countries also come. This time also Uttar Pradesh Tourism has organized Lucknow Festival 2019, but this time it has been organized in February. This time the Lucknow Festival will run from 25 Feb – 05 Mar 2020 .

Lucknow festival has a unique style; it is based on new themes every year. Last year in 2018, the theme was ‘Atal Culture, Atal Heritage’. There is a lot of dazzle in Lucknow festival. There are stalls of all kinds of things here. All the famous things of Uttar Pradesh can be seen here. You can enjoy different types of foods in the festival.

Interesting events like cock fighting, youth festival, drama competition, ekka races, kite flying, vintage car rally, boat race and similar other village games are a part of this festival and create an atmosphere of the days of the Nawabs. One can also have a look at the traditional crafts of Lucknow. Do not miss savouring lip-smacking delicacies of Nawabi cuisine. The Mahotsav is a delight for food connoisseurs and offers a vast variety of tasty dishes from several cuisines including Kababs, Parathas, Non-vegetarian delicacies and Kesaria Doodh.

In A First, A Day Only For Women At Mahotsava

For the first time in its history, Lucknow Mahotsava will dedicate and reserve a day for women only, with entry barred for men. Beginning from 25 Feb – 05 Mar 2020 . The first-of-its-kind initiative is being organised as a small festival of women empowerment and to celebrate women power. Entry will only be allowed to female visitors with children up to 10 years of age. Female artists will regale the audience with their performances, while female artisans will showcase their products. To ensure safety and security of visitors, women cops and security guards will also be deployed. Various cultural competitions with women participants will also be organised. The felicitation of winners will be done on the same day. The idea behind the event is to let female visitors enjoy Mahotsava freely without any worry. Since this year we are celebrating our city with the theme of Shaan-e-Awadh Jashn-e-Lucknow, we will also celebrate women through Sakhi Diwas,” said UP Tourism regional director and secretary of Lucknow Mahotsava Committee Anupam Srivastava. The 10-day festival will be organised at Ramabai Ambedkar Rally Sthal from 25 Feb – 05 Mar 2020 .

Organized by- UP Tourism and Lucknow District Administration

Entry Fee- INR 10

Entrance Fee and Online Tickets?

The entry fee to the fair is usually a mere sum of Rs 10. You can get tickets and see the festival schedule here at www.lucknowmahotsav.in

Getting there!

The Tourism Department is considerate enough as it usually provides buses for the public convenience. The ground is also ensured to be safe with CCTV cameras for the ones who are visiting the festival to have a good time.

So, if you plan to visit Lucknow during this time, you should make sure to book your dates for the amazing experience that Lucknow Mahotsav is guaranteed to provide you. After all, an evening spent remembering the proud legacy and history of our city is not something that we do every day.

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