How To Set Caller Tune On Jio

Ever since the telecom companies have grown inside India, almost every person in India has a mobile and everyone wants that when a caller makes a call on their mobile,s/he should hear a good song instead of just ring, which is called caller tune.

There are many telecom companies in India that provide their service to people. Now the user here has a choice of which telecom company service he wants to use. One of them is Reliance Jio, which has become India’s largest telecom company. Today we will tell you, if you have a reliance jiosim, how you can activate the Jio caller tune on your number, that is also absolutely free, because Jio gives this service to its customer for free.

Before Reliance Jio’s arrival, every telecom service provider company used to take money from the user to provide the service of caller tune. But with the arrival of Reliance Jio in the market, this service has now become absolutely free.

How To Set Caller Tune in Jio Sim: Best 3 Methods

First of all, you should have volte support in whatever smartphone you have, if your smartphone does not support volte, then you can install the jio4voice app to use jio caller tune.

First method : jio caller tune activation by messaging

  • If you want to activate jio caller tune on your number through message, then open the messaging app inside your mobile and create a new message.
  • In the new message you have to type JT in capital letters, after writing this you have to send it to 56789.
  • After sending the message, you will get a reply in which you get 3 options: (1) Bollywood, (2) Regional, and (3) International.
  • If you want to apply Bollywood song then you send 1, if you want to apply regional song, then you send 2, if you want to apply international song, then you send 3. Suppose you have selected the Bollywood song, then here you will see three options again:
    1- Songofthe Day
    2- Top 10 Songs
    3- Popular Song
  • Now select the number of song you want to apply. If you want to apply Song of the Day, please send 1. After this, you will again get a message that you will get to see the list of Song of the Day. Now send the number in front of the song which you want your jio caller tune to be.
  • Now you will get another message in which you will be asked that if you want to make this song your jio caller tune. So send 1 to confirm. Now you will get one last message from Reliance jio in which you will be asked that if you want to apply the jio caller tune, then send by writing Y.
  • The selected jio caller tune will be activated within 1 hour as soon as you send by typing Y.

Second Method : Jio Caller Tune Activation By Calling

When you call someone from your jiomobile number and hear a jio caller tune you like and then if you want the caller tune on the mobile number you are just calling. It is firstly said during the ring that press * to make this caller tune yours. As soon as you press *, after that you get a confirmation message from Jio that the Jio caller tune on your number will be activated within 1 hour.

Third Method : Jio Caller Tune Activation By Jio Music

You can also activate jio caller tune on your number through the app.

  • For this, first you have to go to google play store. There you search by typing jio music in the search box, after searching you will see jio music app, install it in your phone.
  • After installing this app, when you open it, you will see a music dashboard.
  • After this, you search the song you want to listen in the search box above and play. When you play it, you will see an option of set as jio caller tune, you have to click on it, and after clicking that song that caller tune gets activated on your number.

History Of Jio :

Do you know how the jio which changed the world of internet in India started? If you do not know, then we will tell you how Jio started and how Digital India started.know, then we will tell you how Jio started and how Digital India started.

The entire picture of the telecom market has changed since the arrival of Reliance Jio. Data became cheaper. Calling became free. Today, Reliance JioInfocomm Limited is India’s largest telecom company. The full form of Jio is Joint Implementation Opportunities, whose headquarters is located in Mumbai. MukeshDhirubhaiAmbani is the owner of Reliance JioInfocomm Limited. It started on DhirubhaiAmbani’s 83rd birth anniversary on 5 September 2016. MukeshDhirubhaiAmbani started Jio with the Government of India to make India digital. Ever since he launched his project in India, every citizen in India has started becoming digital gradually and this is the beginning of Digital India. MukeshAmbani’s son Akash Ambani and daughter Isha Ambani are directors of Reliance Jio.

How To Get Reliance Jio Sim :

In order to get a Jiosim, customers need to keep the following documents ready

  • Personal Identity Card
  • Two passport size photographs
  • Residential certificate
  • Aadhar Card

How To Get Jio Sim Online :

To get Jiosim card online, note the following steps –

  • First go to the website https://www.jio.com/.
  • Go to the ‘Register Interest’ option given on the page and fill in the requiredinformation.
  • If the SIM is available online at the time of registration, the customer will be contacted by the company.

How To Get Jio Sim Offline :

  • First collect all the required documents and go to your nearest Jio showroom.
  • A jio form will be given from the showroom which has to be filled and submitted along with the copy of the documents. These documents must be self-attested.
  • After these formalities are completed, you will get free jiosim. It may take some more time to get the SIM enabled, because many people in the country are taking this facility simultaneously.

Reliance Jio Applications :

Reliance jio also launched applications of its own which you can download from Google Play Store. But you can download it only if you have a Jiosim. The list of applications is given below:

  • My Jio – To operate the account
  • Jio TV – Live TV Channel Service
  • Jio Cinema – Online HD Video Library
  • Jio Chat Messenger – Chat Application
  • Jio Music – Music Application
  • Jio4G Voice – for LTE call
  • JioMags- E-magazine
  • Jio Express News – News Application
  • Jio Security – Security Application
  • Jio Drive – Backup Tool Application
  • Jio Money Wallet – Online Payment Wallet Application
  • Jio Switch – File Transfer Application

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