What is a Group Discussion? How to prepare for group discussion

Whenever we talk about jobs, first of all we have this fear in our minds about what the interview will be like, what will be asked in the interview, but more than that we feel afraid when it comes to group discussion. Nowadays, without group discussion, we cannot work in any big company or can take admission in a big college. So today, we will tell you about group discussion in detail. Just as the students prepare a lot for their exams and interviews, in the same way they should not ignore their GD preparation.

What is a group discussion?

Group discussion is an informal meeting of some people where there is a critical discussion,means a type of discussion that is criticized through each other.

Group discussion is a process that helps in identifying the mindset of any student or person. In group discussion, you are given a topic or subject on which you have to express your opinion. A group is formed in it, in which many people put talk together on the same topic. After that, the person who is interviewing on behalf of the company listens carefully to everyone’s talk and then declares the final result.

Sometimes a company needs an employer, then it simply selects through group discussion. For example, 10 vacancy came out for a post in a company, and 200 people applied for 10 vacancy, then the company first conducts group discussion to save their time, then after that they select 30-40 people in the final round. In the final round, the company selects 10 people who are talented from the company’s perspective.

Generally,in our country, most institutes organize two types of group discussions to select the most capable candidates. These group discussions are:

  • Group discussion based on topic
  • Group discussion based on case study

Qualities Assessed Of Group Discussion

  • Knowledge: First of all, you should have knowledge in group discussion, so that you can put your thoughts on that particular topic. Your knowledge is always counted in group discussion. Knowledge means you should know about its advantage, disadvantage, its present and future.
  • Interaction: There is a very big role of interaction in group discussion. When you are telling someone about a topic then one thing should always be kept in mind that your interaction is happening with other people sitting there. Group discussion does not mean winning or losing. Group discussion means how you can say your words smartly in short.
  • Behavior: A good group discussion depends on your behavior because your behavior shows your personality. Your behavior should be cool-minded because when you are doing group discussion, the person in opposition will always disagree with your talk or try to cut your talk. At that time, if your mind is not cool then you will get angry on the opposition, which is not allowed in group discussion. Your behavior should always be good.
  • Leadership: You must have the quality of a good leader. The specialty of a good leader is to give everyone a chance to speak. Listen to everyone’s talk carefully and tell its shortcomings and goodies.
  • Initiative: You should always be aware of your initiative that from where you have to start speaking.
  • Self-confidence: You always have to believe in yourself, there is no need to be nervous.

Avoid Making These 8 Mistakes In Group Discussion

To perform well in the GD round, you must avoid making some mistakes so that you can have a very good impression on the examiner as well as the other participants in the discussion.

1- If you do not know the topic then do not lead the discussion

If you want to perform well in group discussion, then never discuss a topic that you are not aware of. Always discuss the same topic that you know very well. If you do not know any topic, then wait for the other participant to start the discussion. This will give you time to understand that topic. If you start a discussion as the second or third participant, then it is not that you will not be given a chance to speak, or you will not be able to keep your talk well. You can put your things in a better way than others, just you have to believe in yourself so that you will be able to keep some good and important points from which you will get good numbers or grades.

2 – You should avoid copying another participant’s thoughts or comments

In group discussion, you should always keep in mind that you do not copy the thoughts or topics of any participant. If you do this, then you can also be excluded from group discussion. Always keep the same point in the discussion which no other participant has used before.

3 – Do not oppose your own point or side

When you are doing group discussion, sometimes the discussion gets so long that you start opposing your own point. And this is a mistake that every participant makes during group discussion, you should always avoid it.

4 – Keep your points while looking at people

Whenever you are participating in a group discussion, you should always speak out your point by looking at the people or participants who are sitting there. Because in the group discussion, not only do you have to speak, you also have to point out all the participants in front of you. Some participants look towards the examiner all the time, doing so is always considered wrong. Therefore, in such a situation you should discuss looking at each member of the group. This makes it seem as if you want to explain your points in clear words to all the people involved in the discussion. By doing this you will have positive impression.

5 – Give other people full opportunity to express their views

Whenever you are speaking on a topic in a group discussion, always give the other participant a chance to speak. It should not be that you are only speaking and not listening to the talk of the person in front.

6 – Wear formal clothes

If you are going for group discussion then wear formal clothes because you will look more serious and sensible in them. Apart from this, formal clothes give you a professional look and present you as a serious and important person.

7 – Speak clearly

Many times people want to speak a lot, but because of not being able to speak clearly, the whole matter goes awry. Apart from this, if you do not understand someone’s words, do not be aggressive and be patient.

8. Do not go into too much detail

It happens so many times that we know a lot about many topics and start to debate on the given topic. Neither listen to others nor give them a chance to speak. Avoid monologues in group discussion.

Business Group Discussion

Group Discussion is a seminar that brings all the employees together to discuss and learn from each other. This is helpful to the company as they can discuss issues that affect their business and learn how to handle them.

Here are a few of the benefits of having this type of seminar:

  • Good communication – It is important for your employees to be able to communicate with each other. Communication during the seminar is made easy since there is an interpreter present. This makes the seminar much easier to attend. Instead of having to decipher what was said, the interpreter provides translations which makes communication easier for everyone.
  • A job well done – As the seminar ends, everyone leaves the meeting happy with what they learned, and how they can use the information to improve their business environment. Having a session on each employee is a great way to thank them for attending.
  • Everyone in the seminar has a chance to learn – Many times employees don’t attend the seminar because they think it will be of no benefit to them. Those who attended go to work the next time, they feel glad they attended the seminar as they have learned something new and you welcome them again to the next group discussion.
  • Give them something to do besides listen – Although many people enjoy listening to a seminar, that doesn’t mean they are going to want to work hard at it. You can encourage the other members of the group to participate by doing something. Perhaps have everyone pitch in and help out, so everyone can take a break and relax.
  • Attendance bonuses – Many companies give their group members a bonus when they attend group discussions. This can be a good incentive for them to attend. The reason for giving them an incentive comes from the fact that they get to use this money for spending on other things.
  • Give them tools to make better decisions – It is important for employees to be able to make decisions as a group. They can come up with ideas, discuss them, and then decide if those ideas will work or not. Having this type of process can help each employee feel important, and this leads to them working harder.
  • Crossover employees – Employees who don’t know anyone else that attended the meeting are less likely to join the group. By recruiting this type of employee, you increase the chances of more employees joining. They get the experience they need to get ready for their next round of group discussions.
  • Increase the business – After the group has discussed their topics, they can give feedback to their leaders so they can use it to improve their business. Giving them these feedbacks gives them something to look forward to at the end of the day. Also, it helps them to leave with a new found confidence in their skills and the quality of work they produce.
  • Provide advice to senior management – Often the employees that have been talking during the seminar will eventually have questions for their leaders. They can always find someone to speak with and ask the question. This lets them know they can ask anyone for an answer.
  • Have everyone meet in a conference room – The group discussion is not the only event held during the seminar. The seminar can also take place in a conference room and everyone can come in one day to work on projects or learn some other skill. This helps everyone to see that the group is one big family.

Group Discussion has many benefits to it. If you take the time to include this type of event in your company, you will be doing your employees a huge favor.

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